Llano Campo Ländlichen Haus

La Gomera · Kanarische Inseln · Spanien

Landhaus · Ländlichen Haus · Ferienhaus

A volcano in the sea from Juan Rayos on Vimeo.

LA GOMERA. 7stories is a project from Turismo de Canarias to rediscover the landscape and people of the 7 Canary Islands through the eyes of 7 young and high-profile "filmmakers" that have huge impact on Vimeo. vimeo.com/groups/islascanarias7stories
I've been invited to La Gomera. This is my vision after a week travelling around the island.
Special thanks to: 28 y Medio team. Carolina Chinea. Enekoiz Noda y Yanira Quintero. Antonio Chinea. and the people of La Gomera. MUSIC: 'Un volcán en el mar' - Pau Roca y Tórtel