Llano Campo Rural House

La Gomera · Canary Islands · Spain

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Walking the footpaths of La Gomera means reliving its long history. A history of people who adapted to the difficulties of broken terrain. The Gomerans wove a network of paths extending all over de island, which you can walk now, enjoying the rich landscapes, heritage and biodiversity offered by the island of La Gomera. The majority of these tracks still remain and are maintained, making up a intricate, continuous network of paths allowing a unlimited choice of routes. This app offers you all the information about the hiking trails of La Gomera. In addition, you can help us maintain and improve our path network through the incident reporting service.

La Gomera is a place that breathes life from every corner: a pure nature where you can enjoy the nice weather in the Canaries, with the advantage of no mass tourism, which will allow you to live it in peace and enjoy its beauty.

Through our Rural Tourism Project, we want the traveler to enjoy every moment and have an experience to remember. The comfort and quality of La Casa de Turismo Rural ,its countryside and its surroundings, you will enjoy La Gomera, an island to live in balance between preserved millions of years old and traditional culture, great weather, beautiful landscapes routes and the hospitality of its inhabitants.

Hermigua, municipality of La Gomera, runs from Garajonay National Park to the sea: between laurel forests, heathland and banana plantations, ending at El Pescante, a coastal enclave to enjoy the sea and sun. It is a wide valley that keeps much of the history of La Gomera and being a lovely place for visitors, it is perfect for a pleasant stay.

The weather of this valley is influenced by the trade winds that make the microclimates that can be found: from humid of laurisilva mountains, through forests of sabinares thermophiles, followed by agricultural areas for the cultivation of bananas, which reach the sea. Climate represents one of the major attractions of the municipality, which is said to be "the best climate in the world", with minimum temperatures are rarely below 18 ° C in winter and without exceeding 27 ° C in summer.

The economy of the municipality is based primarily on agriculture (banana and grapes) and rural tourism. Being one of the main points of rural tourism in the Canary Islands.